What is SaaS

22.09.2023 ShelfMatch talks

Software as a service (SaaS) is the use of software as a service. The technology has been known since the second half of the 20th century, but has found active use in recent years. When using such model, users are given access to ready-made software without the need to use additional equipment – all the necessary infrastructure is located in the cloud service.

When using SaaS, access to the application functions is possible via an Internet browser or a mobile application, and all work on quality improvement, support and other related tasks is carried out by the supplier. It may seem that SaaS is something complicated that takes a long time to learn, but in fact many services familiar to every user – email, google docs, even MMORPG games – all are examples of using SaaS in everyday life.

The SaaS model significantly saves business funds – relative to the standard SaaS software, it is 15-20% cheaper. The level of security, again, is higher compared to standard software, since all data is hosted on servers of special data centers. And access to SaaS services is carried out from all connected devices and does not require additional data loading. Due to the use of cloud technologies, such a solution can be used regardless of location. When choosing SaaS services, the client pays for a subscription to a certain functionality. The cost can be either fixed for a certain period, or calculated depending on the number of services consumed. You can use SaaS in almost any field of activity – it all depends on the choice of the service itself and the set of functions. IT specialists predict the further development of SaaS as a well-proven model of working with data.