• AI for merchandising

    03.10.2023 ShelfMatch talks

    Modern digital systems are developing very quickly, and there is practically no area in which “smart” solutions have not appeared. Retail is no exception. Reduce the time for shelf audit, avoid mistakes, get real-time reports, optimize costs - tasks that many companies regularly solve. And as digital systems quickly show their effectiveness, the demand for them becomes higher. 

  • Shelfmatch: Product recognition using machine learning and AI

    01.10.2023 ShelfMatch talks

    In the last decade, the field of off-line retail has become increasingly dynamic. In conditions of fierce competition and pressure from on-line retail, there was a need to receive data in real time, new tools for working with data from retail outlets were required.
    FMCG retail strives to implement the perfect store concept as efficiently as possible, solving the tasks of high-quality logistics construction, compliance with the standards of layout, creating a positive customer experience.

    Solving these tasks requires tools for effective placement and control of goods on the shelves.

    Shelfmath has developed a highly efficient solution that responds to retail requests. The Shelfmatch service perfectly recognizes products on the shelf. And the use of machine learning and AI allows you to get ready-made reports, plan logistics, modernize the salary fund, track the dynamics of sales growth, as well as set your own framework and get the necessary analytics.

    The Shelfmatch service is a new window of opportunity for retail companies. The service provides valuable and high-quality data in real time, helps to improve the efficiency of product management and saves resources.