ShelfMatch — real-time mobile retail audit solution

Software solution for automated SKU recognition and merchandising audit.
Fast. Effective. Surefire.

How ShelfMatch works:

ShelfMatch automatically recognizes SKUs on the shelf, significantly increasing the accuracy and volume of merchandising data and reducing time and financial expenditures to process and analyze these results.

Sales representative makes a picture/video of the shelf on a smartphone/tablet

The file is sent the server. SKUs on the shelf are automatically detected and recognized

ShelfMatch creates a report with accurate and detailed information on: SKU presence, competitor’s products and other valuable metrics

What you get with ShelfMatch:

Designed for automated product recognition, ShelfMatch has clear advantages over traditional paper and spreadsheet auditing processes

Automated and real-time reports
  • Quality indicators (planogram compliance, price tags availability across all SKUs) and nforcement control (SKU range, disposal, price setting) are recorded in ShelfMatch automatically with the help of specially trained machine learning algorithms. Feedback on shelf recognition is provided in real time
Products presented at the right time and place
  • Eliminate the time gap from when retail audits are conducted to when a manager sees the reports and responds to actionable issues, trends and critical situations. Receive immediate and accurate results, ensure that merchandising plans were executed correctly, make better and faster decisions
Resource saving
  • Reduces the administrative burden on salespeople up to 2-10 times
  • Delivers accurate, actionable insights to sales managers (96+% precision)
  • Transfers time utilization during visits from counting to value added actions up to 75% compared to manual audits.

Advantages of using ShelfMatch:

High SKU recognition precision: 96+%
Online reports: real time results on shelf recognition
Self-training algorithms: system can be trained to recognize almost any type of packaged goods
Increased efficiency of field visits: change the display of goods immediately
Private data protection and access rights differentiation
Simple integration: API compatible with different external systems (CRM/SFA/FFM)

Why is ShelfMatch right for your business?

ShelfMatch improves performance of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) on the shelf and lowers the overall costs of conducting retail audits.

Strong technical background
  • ShelfMatch is built on neural networks that are so intelligent because they mimic the activity of human brain neurons
  • Special network configuration for each of 10 main product categories (groceries, baby items, soft drinks, household chemicals, etc.) to achieve better recognition results
  • Requires no technical knowledge or programming
  • Mobile SDK
Wide range of provided metrics
  • Voids and out-of-stocks
  • Planogram compliance
  • Facings
    Brand representation
  • Competitor information
  • Other valuable data
Centralized system for store surveys/audits
  • Reports show product performance across channels, territories, retail chains; store data is standardized
  • Retail execution data collected in stores is automatically sent to a central database that can be integrated with your existing back-end systems
  • Export and share any data collected with ShelfMatch retail audit solution as an Excel or .csv files
  • Fraud preventing: field representatives visit scheduling and planning, territory management, route optimization
  • 3rd party access to data for your clients and business partners

How to use ShelfMatch:

ShelfMatch service is available for licensing. License eliminates all restrictions on the number of requests (unlike a CPA model) – you can use the system limitless within your organization. License fee includes:


Neural network, trained on 1 or several SKUs

+ all implementation instructions.


Up to 20 hours technical support/month


Instructions on how to train neural network on new SKUs:

you can train the system on your side to recognize new products and add them to the system.

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